About Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar YogaIyengar yoga has its roots firmly in the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali. BSK Iyengar spent over 75 years practicing, exploring, researching & teaching yoga. The distinguishing characteristics of Iyengar Yoga include the use of props, focus on alignment and the sequencing of asanas(yoga poses). These distinguishing characteristics help to make Iyengar Yoga available to everyone.

Props- The use of props enables all levels of students to experience the benefits of yoga. Whether you have an injury, are stiff or new to yoga. Props are also used in restorative practice to provide support and allow for greater relaxation.

Alignment – Intricacies in correct alignment of the body in asanas was introduced so as to also gain access to the correct alignment of the mind, energy systems, perception of life and hence spiritual alignment.

Sequencing – The different groups/categories of asanas are sequenced to allow the student to transform on all levels of their wellbeing. Sequencing relates to which poses are taught when in a class and when different groups of asanas are introduced to the student. All parts of the body and the various systems are gradually integrated and awareness is developed.

About Yoga. Yoga is the union of the Individual Self with the Universal Self. The word Yoga is from the ancient language of Sanskrit. The root of the word yoga is juy meaning to yoke, join and unite. The Yoga Sutra’s were written over 2500 year by the Sage Patanjali, in the Sutra’s the eight limbs or astanga of yoga are detailed. Yoga can bring evenness, harmony and balance to your daily life.